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How Custom Encoded Prox Cards and Key Fobs Can Be Time Savers

May 21st 2019

A significant number of businesses depend on electronic access control cards and keyfobs to open their doors each day. Over the past few decades, ...

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The Top 3 Benefits of Laminating Your ID Badges

May 14th 2019

It used to be that identification cards needed to be laminated because they were printed on either paper or card stock. Lamination provided the kind of ...

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Badge Holder Clips, Retractable Reels and More from ID Shop

Dec 21st 2018

At ID Shop, we stock much more than ID badges. When it comes time to outfit your badges with plastic holders, lanyards or clips, it’s easy to find all ...

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Choosing the Right ID Badge Maker for Your Business at ID Shop

Dec 10th 2018

If you find yourself in frequent need of new plastic IDs, you may choose to invest in an  ID badge maker rather than continuously ordering cards from ...

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Which plastic badge holder is right for you?

Nov 27th 2018

All organizations – from schools and banks to small businesses and multinational companies – benefit from ID badges.

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How a Plastic Card Printing Machine Can Simplify Your Life

Nov 23rd 2018

Security is an important aspect of life. Whether it is at an event, your workplace, your child’s school or even a hospital room, it’s critical that ...

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Six Things to Consider when Buying a Badge Printer

Oct 23rd 2018

For many large corporations and businesses, employee photo ID cards or badges is a high priority. Having the ability to create these badges in-house ...

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Assessing Your Needs when Purchasing an ID Badge Printer

Oct 17th 2018

ID cards can help to ensure the safety and security of schools, offices, and other places that draw a large number people every day.

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10 Tips for Creating an Effective ID Badge Design

Oct 16th 2018

ID badges are everywhere. You see them at countless conferences, events, seminars, and even in the workplace for the purposes of identification. It’s a ...

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Watch the new Zebra ZC300 and ZC350 video

Oct 15th 2018

Ready to get rid of that clunky old ID badge printer? Zebra's ZC300 and ZC350 printer units are now available in the USA. Watch the 2 minute film on ...

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